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Alex Wood

“I moved across the country and chose to take my instructor rating with PFC because of their large fleet of aircraft and friendly staff. When calling the flight schools at CZBB the friendliest people to answer the phone were Pat and Clark. The large number of aircraft at PFC meant that there was lots of availability when booking my lessons or renting an aircraft. As an instructor I really enjoyed working in the structured, supportive environment with excellent leadership from Pat, Clark and Paul. While teaching IFR, their simulators were an excellent training tool. The skill set I’ve developed at PFC has helped me progress at first to a regional airline as a first officer and then captain, and now to a major airline as a first officer.”

– Alex Wood, now flying for major Canadian airline with maple leaf on tail!

Opening Quote To Dan, Pat, Clark, Paul and the Whole PFC Team (including Mike!):
Thank you so much for always making me feel at home at PFC. From Pat coming in on the weekend so I could write the PPL test to learning important lessons from Paul, Clark and Dan to the personal touch my instructors showed every flight…. I am thankful for my time at PFC…

– Ben Lermer, Perimeter Aviation, Winnipeg

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"Today’s airlines are demanding the very best from the pilots they hire, in terms of both raw flying ability and interpersonal skill sets. There is an unyielding commitment by these companies to professionalism, and nothing less is expected from the pilots they hire. With these facts in mind, people wanting to pursue a career as airline pilots must develop numerous hard and soft skills appropriate for piloting complex, state of the art airliners. Pacific Flying Club offers the precise type of training the pilots of today and tomorrow need to be successful in this great industry. Pacific Flying Club gave me the start I needed to be successful as an airline Captain and can do the same for you."

– Tim Kingston, Captain B-737 NG WestJet Airlines


Opening Quote It has been over fifteen years since I began my career in aviation and I'm proud to say it began at Pacific Flying Club. I have had the fortune to experience the Flying Club both as a student (Private Licence, Commercial Licence, Instructor rating) and as an employee (Instructor) and highly recommend the Pacific Flying Club to anyone who is looking to begin a career in aviation. The Flying Club's friendly atmosphere, large selection of aircraft, and excellent flight training programs make PFC my choice to learn to fly and/or to rent an aircraft.

– Mark Kluge
First Officer Embraer E190

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Kevin McQuiggin

I will always be thankful to the staff and management at PFC for the support that they provided to me when I was just starting out in aviation.  As a “late starter” at the age of 42, I remember the challenges of learning to fly.  PFC’s excellent instructional program got me over the rough spots.  One thing led to another, I completed my training, and then spent 4 years as an instructor at PFC myself!  Ultimately, PFC’s excellent training and professional environment was responsible for me getting an airline job at the age of 52.  I couldn't have done it, wouldn't have gotten there, without your support.

-Kevin McQuiggin

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