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Training - Multi Engine Rating

(Effective April 21, 2016)

The Multi Engine Rating offered by the Pacific Flying Club follows the guidelines set out in the Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulations and the Multi-Engine Flight Test Guide. The program consists of an estimated 7 hours of Dual Multi instruction in a Twin Piper Seneca I aircraft. The suggested time will vary depending on the student’s ability and previous experience. A flight test is required. A Pilot Licence is a prerequisite of the rating.

Members wishing to pursue a Multi Engine Rating should contact Marcel Gimenez

Aircraft (Twin Seneca I) 7 hours Dual @ $350/hour $2,450
Ground School Tutorial 4 hours  @ $56/hour $224
Multi Engine Study Guide and Aircraft SOP’s   $50
Multi ride examiner fee      $425
Transport Canada Multi endorsement fee & AP fee    $75
Total Multi-Engine Rating Estimated Cost

Fuel surcharges will apply where fuel exceeds the base rate. Prices subject to change.

PFC offers full glass cockpit technology with     C-GBUD and C-FCAP

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