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Training - Advanced Training

The Pacific Flying Club is pleased to have strategic partnerships with various advanced training organizations. With these recognized organizations, we can offer a seamless training syllabus for any student.

Multi-Crew Course

The Multi-Crew Course offered by the Pacific Flying Club bridges the gap between flight training and a pilot’s first flying job. Utilizing a combination of ground briefings and our Level 5 ALSIM, we deliver training in a two-crew environment. This type of training simulates the type of line-oriented flight training a pilot would receive upon completion of company-specific aircraft training. All power settings and aircraft configurations are based on a King Air 200. (The ALSIM is certified Level 5 for the King Air 200)

Upon being issued SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) the student can expect to study them for about 10-15 hours prior to the ground portion. The ground portion is 12 hours, to be completed in two 6-hour sessions.

Each student will complete five sessions with a partner and flight instructor. Each 1-hour session will be flown twice, with each pilot taking turns as the Pilot Flying (PF) and the Pilot Not Flying (PNF). The aim of the simulator sessions is to teach multi-crew SOPs in a simulated flying environment. The autopilot will be utilized to allow both candidates to concentrate on the SOPs.

Members wishing to pursue multi-crew training should contact Dan Martens at the Club.


Aerocourse is recognized as the leader in advanced aviation courses and has been offering IFR and ATPL seminars across Canada for years. They have expanded their curriculum to offer CRM and Dispatch Seminars. PFC works closely with Aerocourse and delivers IFR Ground Schools using the Aerocourse syllabus. For Ground School information, contact Dan Martens.

Visit Aerocourses website for a complete list of offerings at

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