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Flight Instructors

Clark Duimel
Director of Flight Operations / Chief Flight Instructor / TC Pilot Examiner / DCAM Award Winner
Class 1 Instructor

Clark is recognized as a leader in Canadian flight training. In 2005, he was honored with the David Charles Abramson Flight Instructor Safety Award. He is a Class 1 Instructor who is also a Pilot Examiner for Transport Canada and Authorized Person. Clark was instrumental in the development of the BCIT Airline & Flight Operations program and developed the training regimen for this diploma program. When Clark isn’t at the Club, he can be found doing “guy” stuff such as hunting, fishing, camping and boating. 

Paul Harris
Manager of Flight Operations / TC Pilot Examiner / DCAM Award Winner
Class 1 Instructor

Paul is the second of three generations of commercial pilots. Stories of Uncle Ted flying Spitfires over Britain in WW2 ignited his passion for aviation. From the beginning, the focus of Paul’s instructing career has been on delivering that all important first 50 hours of instruction. His understanding, focus and passion is instilled in every instructor he trains. Those 3,000 minutes of coaching often determines the outcome of an event 3,000 hours later.

Max Newman
Multi Engine Operation Manager
Class 2 Instructor

There's a special feeling you get when you take to the air and that feeling is the reason why flying is my passion. One of the best aspects of flying is whatever you decide to do in aviation there is always something new and enjoyable to learn right around the corner. Whether you would like to become a pilot for fun or as a career, my goal as an instructor is to create a safe and exciting environment in which to explore around each corner and achieve your dream. 

Mike Wieclawek
MIFR Instructor
Class 2 Instructor
Becoming a pilot was never something I had considered as a career or even a hobby until later in life, despite a long fascination with aviation.  Let me help you discover what makes flying so great as well as help you meet your goals as a pilot!
Naoki Hirano
MIFR Instructor

It almost seemed like it was “mission impossible” to become a professional pilot after settling into Canada with no previous experience. But I will show you that it is possible for anyone who has the same dream.

I started my aviation career from scratch after immigrating to Canada. My love for flying and this great country continue to motivate me to pursue this career.

As an instructor with unique experience and deep knowledge, I will help you make your aviation dreams turn into reality.

Sean Samuel
MIFR Instructor

We were lined up on the runway in a Boeing 747 headed to Vancouver. As the pilots advanced the throttles instead of “sitting upright against the seat”, I was found leaning out of it. Looking out and admiring the raw power of the engines and beauty of the wing, I knew at that instant I wanted to be a pilot. My goal is to bring that same passion and drive to every student and every flight, amongst all, let’s have fun!

Marcel Bister

Growing up I always enjoyed travelling to some exotic location on an aircraft.  And it was just as much about the journey to that place than the destination itself.  Thus a career in aviation was a natural choice for me, combining my passions for aviation and travelling.  As a flight instructor I want to help my students experience that same kind of enjoyment all throughout their journey, whatever the destination may be: flying for fun or as a career.  As such I strive to create a safe, interesting, and fun learning environment for all my students in which to explore the exciting world of flying. 

Chris Brennan
When I was a kid, my dad took me to an air show. I was amazed by the awesome machines roaring through the sky, and decided that I was going to be a pilot. 
As a flight instructor, my job is simply to share the wonder of flight with my students and help them take their first steps into the larger world of aviation.
Nigel Koit

The most thrilling thing about teaching is watching just how excited people get as they learn new skills and progress through their training. It was this excitement that got me hooked, first as an advanced performance driving instructor, and now as a Flight Instructor at Pacific Flying Club. I feel lucky to have been able to transfer my passion for teaching from motorsport to my other love: aviation. Whatever the field, I enjoy seeing my students succeed at everything they are working toward.

Jamie Pinton

Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to pursue a career in aviation. Going on trips growing up I would often find myself more excited for the flight than the actual trip itself. My objective is to ensure each and every one of my students meets the goals they have set for themselves in their training, while enjoying every step along the way. 

Daniella Hlynka

Flying represents barriers overcome. There can be numerous barriers to getting your license whether it's for fun or a career. My job is to make sure that learning how to be a safe and skilled pilot is not one of those barriers!

Scott Wilson

I was once told that the day you stop learning in aviation is the day you stop flying. Every flight can present a new experience and a new challenge, and it’s up to the pilot to make the most of it. I make an effort to learn something from every flight that I do. My role as a flight instructor is to teach you how to fly, and those first steps in making the very most out of every flight you’ll ever do.

Monty Badyal

I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you. Come hear my stories of instructing on Ultralights, and learn how I started as a Ramp Agent and worked my way up to piloting a Shorts 360. Begin your own experience today by booking a flight, I'll be thrilled to get you started!

Carlie McKinnon

After watching my brother pursue his career in aviation, I was inspired to do the same simply because I saw how amazing flying could be. It is challenging and exhilarating every time I go up in the air which makes this career a perfect choice for me.  Being a flight instructor combines my love of travel and my passion for flying while giving others the opportunity to experience the excitement of aviation. My objective as a flight instructor is to create a fun, safe, and interesting learning environment so that everyone has the ability to meet their goals and exceed their expectations. 

Dario Stewart-Imbert

Travelling a lot as a kid, flying was always something that had deeply interested and excited me. Choosing a career in aviation was a natural choice, allowing me to experience the indescribable feeling of flight and travel to new and exotic places. As a flight instructor, my role is to make your experience a fun, safe and exciting one every time you go fly. No matter what your reason for flying is, I hope to help you reach or exceed your goals. Hope to see you soon!

Cici Durfeld

I didn't know that I wanted to pursuit a career in aviation till several years ago. But now that I have started, I don't plan on looking back. I can't think of a more rewarding career than to be flying thousands of feet above the earth. I only hope to share my experience by passing on my knowledge and love for flight. You'll never know you love something until you try it. So, come into to PFC and book a flight, it will be an experience that you'll never forget. I will look forward to meeting you.

Daniel Silva

It would be my privilege to inspire you to become a pilot like I have. This dream has come in many forms. The "buzz" I get from flying is hard for me to explain! However, I now realize the journey of becoming a pilot is also the art of instructing.  I love sharing my knowledge, skills and attitude of how to become a pilot. I was fascinated by airplanes from an early age and knew that one day I would be a pilot! The "road of least resistance" led me to a very conservative career path that left me unfulfilled in my native Brazil. I liked my career, but I did not love it like I do flying.  Knowing that my destiny was to fly I  started my flight training while still in Brazil. I moved to Canada and it was here that I achieved my pilot and instructor licenses.

Let me help you fulfill your dream like I have mine. Let's go flying!

Blair Campbell

Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding things you can accomplish in life. Selecting the right flight instructor can be a key step in achieving that dream. During flight training, a student and instructor spend a lot of time together in close proximity. Select an instructor that you respect and is someone you can easily learn from. Flying is a lot of fun but also takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It would be my privilege to work with you to become a proficient and skilled pilot and obtain your private or commercial license.

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