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2016 Ground School Schedule (pdf)

Checkride Exams

    C-152 Exam (pdf)
    C-172 Exam (pdf)
    C-172R Exam (pdf)
    C-172 Hawk XP Exam (pdf)
    PA34-200 Seneca Exam (pdf) 
    C-172SP Exam (pdf)

    G1000 Inital Test (pdf)
Aircraft Weight and Balance (pdf) 

Takeoff Calculations (pdf)
Landing Calculations (pdf)
Members Handbook with Flight Training Manual (pdf) 
PFC Annual Checkride (pdf)
Risk Hazard Report (pdf)
Seneca PA34-200 Weight & Balance/IFR Log (pdf)
Sign-out Sheet for CPL Students (pdf)

Trip Requests (pdf) 

Nav Log (pdf)

2015 Tax Form (pdf)

Upcoming Events

Mountain Seminar Feb 13 2016

Night Seminar Feb 20 2016

Mountain Seminar March 12 2016

Saturday Seminars are 9am to 11am

CPL G/S Starting March 1st

News & Notices

Attention all Voting Members! Rent our 172SP's for the price of the 172XP. Contact Dispatch for details 

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