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Annual Open Book Test (pdf)

Trip Requests (pdf)

Nav Log (pdf)

Signout Sheet (pdf)

Checkride Exams

    C-152 Exam (pdf)
    C-172 Exam (pdf)
    C-172R Exam (pdf)
    C-172 Hawk XP Exam (pdf)
    PA28-161 Warrior Exam (pdf)
    PA34-200 Seneca Exam (pdf)
    C-172SP Exam (pdf)

G1000 Inital Test (pdf)
Aircraft Weight and Balance 2012 (pdf)
Flight Training Program Outlines (pdf)
Landing Calculations (pdf)
Members Handbook (pdf)
PFC Annual Flight Review (pdf)
Risk Hazard Report (pdf)
Seneca PA34-200 Weight & Balance/IFR Log (pdf)
Signout Sheet for CPL Students (pdf)
Sunrise Sunset at ZBB June 2011 to Dec 2012 (pdf)
Takeoff Calculations (pdf)

Upcoming Events

July 12 Co-Pilots Course for Non-Pilots

July 19 Mountain Flying Seminar 9am-12

July 19 CZBB Airshow!

To sign up for any of the above events contact us here

News & Notices

CZBB Airshow airspace restrictions July 18/19 - Parking pass required to park at PFC, please pick one up before the 18th

July 14-18 72nd closed, use the 80th Street Off-ramp to gain access to the airport

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