Getting Started


Who hasn't seen a bird and wished they could fly? Don't just dream... do it!

Whether you just want to fly for fun or you're planning a career as a pilot- the first step is to earn your Private Pilot Licence. It all starts at Pacific Flying Club. PFC has the instructors, engineers, aircraft and administrative staff to ensure you receive the highest level of instruction and customer service possible.

Take a PFC test drive! Call 604-946-0011 and take us up on our familiarization flight offer. This lesson will last about 35 minutes, costing $65+ tax. Right from the start you'll take control and experience what it's like to fly.

Now that you have decided to fly, you have two options. A full Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or the Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP). Those that opt to do the RPP are normally too young to hold a Private Pilots Licence and do plan to upgrade as soon as they are old enough.

Flight instruction is a uniquely personal learning experience. Let us know when you want to fly. We will set you up with an instructor, who will help you plan lessons that fit your schedule. Whether you can fly once a week or less, or more often you will learn to fly at a pace that works for you. You will gain access to our online booking system, so you are able to book flights from the convenience of your home or phone.

Your next step is groundschool and flying. Groundschool is an essential part of the PPL You can attend groundschool and fly simultaneously. Classes run at PFC Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings or we have an online option. As a Club member you can come back and take the onsite classes as many times as you would like. Like any other class you will need supplies, we highly recommend a ground school kit with all the basics you will need to start or you can purchase supplies and books from our pilot shop as you need them. From text books to maps, we have it!

A Category 3 Medical Exam is next. This is required prior to you soloing, but you can certainly start flying before completing the medical. A list of certified civil aviation medical examiners available online

Lots of flying, a medical and ground school...that's it. May sound like a lot but as your training progresses, you'll be challenged, excited and soon everything becomes more enjoyable and second nature.

Pacific Flying Club instructors will give you everything you need to know to fly safely and confidently. We will be here to guide you the whole way and beyond, whether you just enjoy the freedom of your PPL or go on to your Commercial License.

Come enjoy the world of flying and you will have the best seat to explore Vancouver and beyond!