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Training - VFR Over the Top Endorsement Course

(Effective February 1, 2015)

The Pacific Flying Club offers a VFR Over the Top Endorsement course. A Private Pilot Licence is required. An applicant for a VFR OTT rating must complete a minimum of 15 hours dual instrument time, of which a maximum of 5 hours may be instrument ground time.  Applicants with 5 hours instrument time from the Private Pilot Licence must complete at least another 10 hours of dual instrument time.


5 Hours dual instruction @ $184/hour   $920
5 Hours Redbird simulator instruction   OR @ $154/hour* $770*
5 Hours ALSIM simulator instruction @ $206/hour* $1,030*
Transport Canada Endorsement & AP Fees     $60

Note:  The above breakdown is for instruction in a Cessna 152.   *It is recommended the student utilize the Al Sim FTD or full motion Redbird FTD for a portion of the simulator instruction. Prices subject to change.

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