Welcome to Pacific Flying Club

If flying professionally or recreationally is your dream, we can help transform that dream into reality.

Welcome to Pacific Flying Club

If flying professionally or recreationally is your dream, we can help transform that dream into reality.

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This is the first special edition of Ready on Alpha. Howard Jampolsky’s article is relevant to all of us who have been fortunate enough to pilot an aircraft.

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Pursuing a career in aviation?

Learning to fly is exciting and surprisingly easy to learn. While thousands of pilots around the world fly strictly for fun, many choose to fly for a living.


Want to fly your family and friends?

Take a PFC test drive! Call 604-946-0011 and take us up on our familiarization flight offer. Right from the start you’ll take control and experience what it’s like to fly. The first step is to earn your Private Pilot Licence.


How is Pacific Flying Club different?

We are a non profit club and educational institution. What does this mean for you? It means we are not owned by anyone and that any funds go back into improving the facilities and equipment, offering free seminars to our students and members and focusing on quality.


29 aircraft and 3 simulators.

Pacific Flying Club has the largest fleet in British Columbia with a fleet of 28 aircraft including Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s and Piper Senecas. The Club also offers the most simulator options of any school in British Columbia.

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– Alex Wood, now flying for major Canadian airline with maple leaf on tail!
“When calling the flight schools at CZBB the friendliest people to answer the phone were Pat and Clark. The large number of aircraft at PFC meant that there was lots of availability when booking my lessons or renting an aircraft. The skill set I’ve developed at PFC has helped me progress at first to a regional airline as a first officer and now to a major airline as a first officer.”
– Tim Kingston, Captain B-737 NG WestJet Airlines
“Today’s airlines are demanding the very best from the pilots they hire, in terms of both raw flying ability and interpersonal skill sets. Pacific Flying Club offers the precise type of training the pilots of today and tomorrow need to be successful in this great industry. Pacific Flying Club gave me the start I needed to be successful as an airline Captain and can do the same for you.”
– Nigel Schatz, Pilot – North Wright Airways
“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support team at PFC. It was the instructors at PFC that really made the experience though. Being that most of them had recently been through the training program themselves, they were very easy to relate to. On top of that they were very knowledgeable, and it felt like they genuinely cared about my learning.”

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Pacific Flying Club is supporting the Heart and Stroke foundations ‘FAST’ campaign.

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