Frequently Asked Questions


Research thoroughly the flying schools at the location you are considering, look at the fleet size, the total number of instructors, how many years the school has been in business and its location. Consider if the school is designated as this means the school is held to a higher quality standard in terms of training, staff and equipment. You’ll want to do an introductory flying lesson to get a feel for flying. The initial flight is about a 30-to- 40-minute flight where you will take control of the aircraft. If you love it as much as we do, you’ll want to sign up right on the spot!

TO BOOK PLEASE CALL 604-946-0011.

Pacific Flying Club has a waitlist for flight training; simply fill out the waitlist form with your contact information, how often you wish to fly and when you want to fly, and we will take care of the rest. Once a spot becomes available, you will be contacted by an instructor to get started on your flight training! Please note that the wait is based on the availability of instructors, and therefore we are unable to give exact time estimates.

You are welcome to sign up and attend ground school while on the waitlist. At this time Pacific Flying Club offers two options for ground school:

  • ZOOM (formally in-class ground school) -schedule available on website/in info pack.
  • ONLINE -Self-paced

If you would like to register, please contact or visit our front desk. You will be required to complete application forms and will receive access to the ground school within 1-3 business days.

For each booking you will likely log 1 – 1.5 hours of flying time. If you fly three times per week, based on an average of 55-65 hours to obtain your PPL, you would expect to flight test in about 4-6 months, providing you don’t lose flight training time due to weather delays. Fly more often and you can be done in as little as 6 weeks. You will want to build in time for weather delays if you’re flying in our rainy season.

Absolutely not! All flying is arranged on a pay as you go basis.

Payment is processed after each flight through our secure online Moneris vault. Student may also pay via cash, cheque, debit at the form desk after each flight. However, all students must have a credit card or $500 deposit on file prior to starting training regardless of payment method.

We strongly advise you be wary of any flight training centre that insists on a large amount of money to be paid up front.

We are both! We’re a flying club that was initially organized in 1965 as the Canadian Pacific Airlines Employees Flying Club. We are a not for profit organization incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia and as such, don’t have any owners. All revenues derived from the Club go towards expenses, improving the fleet and providing no charge seminars. Unlike other schools, the Club does not charge for pilot seminars such as night flying, mountain flying, etc.

  • Student Pilot Permit – 14
  • Recreational Permit-16
  • Private Pilot Licence – 17
  • Commercial Pilot Licence – 18
  • ATPL-21

Government student loans are available to a qualified full-time student for the Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi IFR Rating and Instructor Rating. For questions regarding funding please contact Gurleen Kaur, Manager of Student Services at

  1. We have the largest fleet in British Columbia
  2. We are a not-for-profit organization so all revenues stay in the Club and goes toward equipment acquisitions and improvements
  3. Our staff have been recognized with awards and accolades -fly with industry leaders!
  4. Our Club has its own maintenance department
  5. We are designated by the Private Training Institution Branch of BC -all schools must be
    registered but we go above this and obtained designated which means we are held to a higher standard for quality, staffing, equipment and education
  6. We are affiliated with BCIT
  7. We hold free seminars for members! Why pay for Mountain Flying Seminar when being a
    member of PFC means it’s free!

Voting membership is yearly and costs $195 per year -it gives the person a reduction on check rides and solo flying -if a person fly 6 out of 12 months in a year and more than 10 hours solo, this is the best option.

Associate membership is monthly and costs $13.95 per month (only charged on months you fly) -if a
person flies occasionally {less than 10 solo hours per year and less than 6 out of 12 months) or has not solo’d yet, this is the best option for them.

Junior Membership gives a student under the age of 18 the same rates as the Voting Member.

Membership is required for all students and members while actively flying.

Yes, a student can claim certain flying costs.

Any queries should be directed to Parkash Athwal, Chief Financial Officer at

More about PFC

Our staff are committed to ensuring your flying experiences give you the comfort to pursue your aviation dreams. Our commitment – always value you, the customer and ensure you are getting what you need from all of us. From the time the dispatcher greets you when you walk through the door to your flight test with one of our in-house Transport Canada Pilot Examiners to taking your family up for the first flight as a licensed pilot to your interview with an airline, we are there for you! Here is a checklist of questions you should be asking when considering where you want to train, along with some info on us:

Is the school established?

PFC was started in 1965 and we have graduated thousands of pilots!

Where are the PFC graduates working?

Our graduates are flying with major airlines, corporate, cargo, up north and throughout the world.

Is the school designated?

PFC was the first flight training centre in the lower Mainland to obtain designated from PTIB.

Size of fleet?

PFC has 29 aircraft. Or fleet consists of Cessna 152, 172 P Models, 172R Models, 172SP Glass Cockpit & Piper Seneca’s (Multi-training).

Number and type of simulators?

Pacific Flying Club is proud to offer flight instruction in 3 different simulators including the All-Sim Al250 flight simulator and our newest addition an Al Sim Al)(. This advanced technology positions Pacific Flying Club as a leader in /FR training and ensures our students have access to the best training and equipment.

Size of staff?

FC has a staff of over 30 that take care of all your flying needs from documentation to instruction.

In-house examiners?

PFC offer in house flight test examiners and an in-house written invigilator. As well as AP’s for licensing needs.


PFC carries $10 million liability on a four-seat aircraft and $7.5 million on a two-seat aircraft, the most extensive coverage of any flight training centre.

Ground schools.

Our ground schools are offered year-round and run continuously with no wait time to start. We also have an online option.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at or call 604-946-0011 with any additional questions you may have.