International Students

Why Canada?

Whether you are interested in learning to fly for a career, looking for an aviation adventure, or just want to enjoy the thrill of flight, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the aviation destination for you!

What are the advantages of training in Canada? Your flight training costs are almost cut in half with our very favorable exchange rate. Canadian licences are internationally recognized. We offer a safe, stable training environment with spectacular scenery second to none. The airspace is less congested than many foreign locations and training airports have no landing fees.

Why Vancouver, British Columbia?

Once you have chosen Canada as your flying destination, where should you go? Vancouver is located on the west coast of British Columbia and is the most scenic city in Canada.  With the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf Islands at your doorstep, you will fly among some of the most beautiful areas in Canada. The school is a one hour flight north of Seattle, Washington, home of Boeing Aircraft. Popular destinations for longer flights include Alaska, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and a trip over the Rocky Mountains.

Why Pacific Flying Club?

Pacific Flying Club is certified as a Designated Learning Institution for Citizenship and Immigration Canada and was the first accredited flight training centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. Being accredited by the Private Training Institutions Branch means our school, staff, and programs have been evaluated and held to the highest standard.  With a staff of 35, we have the infrastructure, facilities and equipment to allow the international student to complete their training as quickly as possible.

Sightseeing/ Time Building

You will not match scenic British Columbia for spectacular destinations. You can go whale watching on the West Coast, see Whistler from above, experience the beauty of glacial lakes, or simply fly over beautiful Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Transport Canada will now issue a Limited Term Pilot Licence and Medical Certificate (LTPL/MC). The LTPL/MC is based on a valid foreign pilot licence and the medical document validating that license. As a result this will permit foreign pilot licence holders to fly in Canadian registered aircraft internationally for private recreational purposes (such as hour building).


Advance payment for flying is not required. Pacific Flying Club accepts all major credit cards and all flying is on a “pay as you fly” basis.  There is an international application fee of $750 which is non refundable.

Additional Information

International students can access a wide range of information on flying in Canada at or download the pdf with detailed information for international students.

To understand the steps in Canadian Aviation, with specific reference to our own club’s goals, you can download this guide that gives you a sense of what steps and milestones there are.