Pacific Flying Club Video Page

Interview with our flight instructor, Annika Sun

There are many roads to becoming a commercial pilot to work in the commercial industry, right? So you can start privately through a flying club like Pacific Flying Club as a private student, get your private pilot license, commercial pilot license and the ratings you need and find other jobs to accrue your hours…. Read More

Do you want to become a pilot? Interview with our instructor, Derek Strangway

My name’s Derek. I’m a multi-engine and IFR instructor here at Pacific Flying Club, and I’ve been with the Club for a little over two years now, working in both the single-engine and the multi-engine department. But I’ve been at Pacific Flying Club between being a student and an instructor for about nine years… Read More

AL SIM ALX Flight Simulator Session

The ALSim ALX is our most advanced simulator at our facilities. This state-of-the-art simulator offers up to four classes of aircraft. From single and multi-engine piston aircraft to turboprop-type aircraft up to medium size jet-type aircraft (generic B737/A320)… Read More

Conversation with one of our students, Alexander Chizikov, about getting his Pilot’s License

I began my education just around two years ago. I had my private pilot license when applying to the program and could transition that license into the program itself. Over the past two years, I have acquired my commercial pilot’s license, and my multi-engine… Read More

What is a Familiarization Flight?

Experience a 30-40 minutes flight from the right seat of a Cessna 152 or 172. You will take off from Boundary Bay Airport and fly over the White Rock area. And here is the exciting part — the flight instructor will let you take control of the aircraft to feel what it’s like to fly a plane! … Read More