I moved across the country and chose to take my instructor rating with PFC because of their large fleet of aircraft and friendly staff. When calling the flight schools at CZBB the friendliest people to answer the phone were Pat and Clark. The large number of aircraft at PFC meant that there was lots of availability when booking my lessons or renting an aircraft.

As an instructor I really enjoyed working in the structured, supportive environment with excellent leadership from Pat, Clark and Paul. While teaching IFR, their simulators were an excellent training tool.

The skill set I've developed at PFC has helped me progress at first to a regional airline as a first officer and then captain, and now to a major airline as a first officer.

Alex Wood
Now flying for major Canadian airline with maple leaf on tail!


Today's airlines are demanding the very best from the pilots they hire, in terms of both raw flying ability and interpersonal skill sets. There is an unyielding commitment by these companies to professionalism, and nothing less is expected from the pilots they hire.

With these facts in mind, people wanting to pursue a career as airline pilots must develop numerous hard and soft skills appropriate for piloting complex, state of the art airliners. Pacific Flying Club offers the precise type of training the pilots of today and tomorrow need to be successful in this great industry.

Pacific Flying Club gave me the start I needed to be successful as an airline Captain and can do the same for you.

Tim Kingston
Captain B-737 NG WestJet Airlines


I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the support team at PFC. All the staff at the club, especially the upper management (Clark, Pat and Paul) was very easy to approach and work with. This made the whole experience feel very personal as these people were taking time out of their own days to help further my education and make me the safest pilot possible.

It was the instructors at PFC that really made the experience though. Being that most of them had recently been through the training program themselves, they were very easy to relate to. On top of that they were very knowledgeable, and it felt like they genuinely cared about my learning.

Nigel Schatz
Pilot - North Wright Airways


Flying out of Boundary Bay with PFC was an amazing experience that I'll always remember. The instructors and staff are very knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about aviation. Their team is committed to developing safe and professional pilots; traits that I will take with me throughout my entire career.

The skills I learned at PFC helped me to obtain my current position, flying the Beech 1900 for North-Wright Airways in Norman Wells, NWT.

Pat Anderson
Pilot - North Wright Airways


Flying with Sean is an enjoyable activity as he creates a focused, caring and respectful environment where the goals of increasing pilot competences are highlighted. As a Private Pilot I now look forward to annual flight checks with enthusiasm...

From the time I shake his hand hello to the time I say goodbye I know Sean will be giving me everything I need.

Patrick Mooney
Aviation Enthusiast


...I'm now lucky enough to be working for my dream company at WestJet on the Dash8-Q400.

The high professional standard that PFC operates at is unmatched, and immediately apparent when you first step in the door. I'm proud to have learned the right attitude that will get you in the door, and succeeding at a company like WestJet, right from the start at PFC. I consider myself lucky to have been trained by such excellent instructors, and mentored by great managers at Pacific Flying Club.

Any school can help you get licenses, but not just any school can help you get a flying job....

Jackie Kirouac
Pilot - WestJet

I am very happy with the decision to join the program. I feel it prepared us as best it could for a career in aviation...

Best decision I ever made.

Mike Geamen
First Officer - WestJet Encore


Growing up on the West Coast it was my dream to fly. After doing extensive research I chose a school that offered a large fleet of different aircraft, great people and instructors, and a program that offered a challenge....

Throughout my flying career so far, some of my fondest memories were learning to fly at PFC. I often look back on those memories and recall from my basic training when faced with a challenging situation....

Good luck to all wanting to learn to fly. Perseverance and passion will set you free.

Nathan Kirby
Pilot - WestJet


My time at PFC was fantastic (PPL/Night Rating) I had a great instructor who taught me a lot of valuable lessons I still hold dear today. I still fly out of CZBB (a lot) in my own airplane (EA-300/L); I currently focus on aerobatics.

Baxter Christian
truly blessed


Pacific Flying Club is where I turned my childhood dream of being a pilot into reality. I couldn't have done it without the PFC staff of instructors, dispatchers, managers, and mechanics. They were all excellent at their respective roles but even better people.

I still stay in touch with my former instructors and am grateful for their contributions to my career. I'm now a Captain at Air Canada.

Ben Lermer
Captain - Air Canada


“Where did you do your training?"
“Pacific Flying Club, British Columbia”

I was asked this question on my first day of my new job flying a Piper Navajo in Northern Ontario. It was windy, it was icy, and I had just accomplished my first touchdown on a snow covered gravel strip under IMC.

“Nicely done!”
“Thx, that was fun.”

My name is Jonathan Delacroix, I currently work as a first officer for Northern Skies based out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. I was practically given this job through a PFC classmate, already flying for the company. The Chief Pilot had noticed his flying skills, wanted more of that quality to his team and asked him for recommendations. My interview felt more like an invitation, and boy what a dream job! I arrived in Sioux Lookout a few weeks later. It’s now been 3 months, and I’ve already been told that I would make a great Training Captain.

I use to be a photographer, 10 years of working for well-known magazines and traveling throughout the world. Turning 30, I decided to respond to the child within me and pursue my dream to become a pilot. My research quickly lead me to PFC as the premier training facility in Vancouver, and after a few phone calls with the club I made the decision to move to Canada and start my training. Less than a month later I was taking off of RWY 12, sitting in GZYZ, my soon to be favorite Cessna 152 of the fleet. In total I spent almost 3 years training at PFC. I obtained my PPL, CPL, multi-engine rating, Group 1 IFR all they way up to the Instructor Rating.

The service at Pacific Flying Club has been outstanding and the people like family. The club takes great pride in shaping students into future Captains and leaders rather then just a pilot. There is no doubt to the high standard of training I received and I couldn’t recommend Pacific Flying Club enough.

Jonathan Delacroix
CRJ-200 Captain at Voyageur Aviation Group