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Inside simulator ALSim ALX
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The ALSim ALX is our most advanced simulator at our facilities. This state-of-the-art simulator offers up to four classes of aircraft. From single and multi-engine piston aircraft to turboprop-type aircraft up to medium size jet-type aircraft (generic B737/A320).

The ALSim ALX can be configured for traditional steam gauges and advanced glass cockpit configuration. It has also been configured with dual WAAS GTN 650, dual FMS, advanced autopilot/autothrottle system and advanced high-realism weather and simulation of emergencies.

The ALSim ALX is an all-in-one simulator. From your Private Pilot License to an advanced Multi-Crew Course (MCC) on a turboprop/jet-type aircraft to prepare you for that first job interview and simulator evaluation.

During ALSim ALX simulator course, we teach how to work in a team. So, for example, when you’re flying in the airline, there will be the captain and first officer, and here we will teach you how to work together. As a result, you’ll be able to go to the airlines more prepared, and when you do your rating, this will help you.

Click here to watch Marcel Giminez talk about ALSim ALX.


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