Finance Options are available through government student loans or student line of credits through your financial institutions.
Government student loans are available to qualified students in the Commercial Pilot Licence program, Multi-IFR program and Instructor program.

There are no government student loans available for the Private Pilot Licence. A student cannot apply before they hold a Private Pilot Licence.

For a government student loan a Commercial Pilot student must be enrolled in full-time study and submit a copy of their Private Pilot Licence, plus Category 1 Medical with the application.

All flying is on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no requirement for large deposits up front. Students are expected to keep a credit card in our electronic vault or minimum $500 in their account at all times.

The Club recommends that students pursuing private financing consider a Student Line of Credit set up through a bank or credit union to ensure they are paying for only the funds utilized. We have found this is a more economical source of financing than a conventional loan where the funds are advanced up front.