Selecting a Flight School

Compare PFC with other flight schools and focus on what we have to offer the student.

We deliver the highest quality training possible, ensuring the student is having fun and developing the skills necessary to become a superior pilot – whether they wish to pursue a career in aviation or just fly for fun.

The Pacific Flying Club is committed to ensuring your flying experiences are positive and give you the comfort and impetus to pursue your dreams… whether they entail flying wide-body airliners around the globe, piloting bush planes over the wilderness, or jumping into a little two-seater and heading off to punch holes in the sky just for fun.

Our commitment is to always value you, our student and Club member, and ensure you get what you need to become a safe, confident pilot. From the time you first walk through the door, to your ongoing flight instruction, ground school, that important first solo, to your final flight test with one of our in house Transport Canada Pilot Examiners… and beyond… even to your airline interview. We are there for you!

Here is a checklist of points you should consider when assessing PFC:

Date established:
PFC has been here since 1965 and has graduated thousands of pilots!

Graduate history:
PFC graduates are flying with major airlines, corporate, cargo, and up north and throughout the world

PFC was the first flight training centre in the Lower Mainland to obtain accreditation by PCTIA

Fleet size:
PFC has 28 aircraft, largest in British Columbia

PFC students and members have access to more simulator options that any other school

Size of staff:
PFC has a staff of over 30, each one dedicated to meeting all your flying needs ? from documentation, to instruction, to maintenance, to conducting flight tests with you

In house examiners and invigilators:
PFC has 3 in-house examiners and 1 in-house invigilator

PFC carries $10 million liability on 4-seat aircraft and $7.5 million on 2-seat aircraft – the most extensive coverage of any flight training centre

Ground Schools:
PFC Ground Schools classes are offered year-round and the Private Pilot Licence course runs continuously with no wait to start

What sets PFC apart from others:
PFC’s not-for-profit status allows us to focus on continually upgrading facilities, the fleet, equipment, and no-charge seminars to students and members