PFC rentals

Hourly Rental and Instruction Rates by Membership Classification

(Effective February 2, 2024)

The Pacific Flying Club offers 3 flying membership options: (1) Voting Members (2) Associate Members and (3) Junior Members.

The fees associated with each membership class are as follows:
Voting Member:$ 195.00 yearly
Junior Member:$ 140.00 yearly
Associate Member:$ 13.95 monthly
FacilityVoting/Junior MembersAssociate MembersDual Everyone
Rental / SoloCheck RidesRental / SoloCheck Rides
Cessna 152$164$214$176$252*$252*
Cessna 172P/R$184$230$196$272*$272*
Cessna 172SP - G1000$195$280$240$315*$315*
Seneca 1$425*$425*$425*$425*$425*
Al Sim ALX$225$236$260*
Al Sim 250$185$191$240*
Redbird Full Motion FTD$140$147$195*
Ground Briefing,
Private & Commercial
*A premium of $10.00 per hour will be charged on Class I Instructor services.

A Voting Membership is recommended for pilots and students who fly six out of the 12 months and do approximately 10 hours solo and/or rental in a year. The monthly membership is not charged in a month where Club services are not utilized.

Please note the above “wet” rate aircraft rental charges are based on a base fuel cost of $1.25 per litre at Boundary Bay Airport.

The Club reserves the right to charge a fuel surcharge when the price of fuel exceeds $1.25 per litre at Boundary Bay Airport Taxes applied where applicable.

Prices subject to change.