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With pleasure, Clark Duimel, Executive Director, announces a strategic alliance between Pacific Coastal Airlines and Pacific Flying Club, with the establishment of the “Fast Track to Success” program that will allow one of British Columbia’s most important air carriers and BC’s largest flight training centre to address the shortage of pilots and plan for the future.     


The goal of the program is to provide instructors with the opportunity to apply to Pasco when they have 400 hours of instructional time or six months of continuous employment with PFC.  Once interviewed by Pasco, if selected, they will be issued a seniority number for the airline and continue working as a flight instructor at PFC building their total time and multi time with a goal of obtaining their ATPL and building their multi time.  They will move to the airline once they have the required ATPL and multi time and be well positioned to move quickly from a First Officer position to Captain because of their time and seniority they bring to the airline.   


Benefits to PFC are that we expect to attract and retain superior flight instructors who see this as an excellent opportunity to plan their careers with two well respected aviation leaders in Canada.   As well, Pacific Coastal Airlines will provide their expertise by participating in curriculum review and providing personnel to conduct multi crew training and ground schools at PFC. 



For Pacific Coastal Airlines, they have the opportunity to preselect highly qualified instructors to manage and better predict their hiring requirements.   Ultimately, they will be able to hire instructors close to or at an ATPL with increased total time, multi engine and instrument experience allowing them the flexibility to staff both first officer and captain positions as required. 


Pacific Flying Club sees this program as a huge benefit to both organizations and flight instructors who can continue with confidence building their time to ATPL standards while flight instructing knowing they have a position waiting for them at one of Canada’s best regional carriers.   


For further details, contact Clark Duimel, Bal Lidhar or Pat Kennedy.  


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