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Applications are considered completed when the requested information has been given, the form signed, and the applicable membership fees paid. Final acceptance is reserved for the Board of Directors or Executive Director as specified in the Club’s Bylaws. Any rejected application will be accompanied by a full refund of membership fees paid.

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Membership Acknowledgements

I hereby submit this application for membership in the Pacific Flying Club, and wish to participate under the membership category as indicated. I also pledge at this time to abide by all the Bylaws, rules, policies and regulations of the Pacific Flying Club and the Canadian Air Regulations of Transport Canada. In addition, I agree to comply with the following requirements, made to safeguard myself, my passengers, the aircraft and the Club:

  1. To be fully conversant with the Club's rules, regulations, policies and procedures as specified in the Club's Member Handbook
  2. To inspect and ground-check the aircraft before flying, and not to depart unless fully satisfied the aircraft is airworthy and, in the condition, and with the equipment specified in the aircraft log books and documentation
  3. To permit no unauthorized persons to fly the aircraft
  4. To pay for any and all losses or damages to the aircraft not covered by insurance or recoverable from other persons and the deductible portion of any insurance claims, while the aircraft is under my command
  5. To return the aircraft at the previously designated hour, or notify the Dispatcher, CFI or designate immediately
  6. To leave the aircraft in a clean condition, with all switches off, control locks in place, and tie downs secure
  7. To report any and all damages and/or losses and/or injuries to Club management without delay
  8. To pay all charges and fees within the appointed time and be liable for all costs of collection of overdue amounts. I understand that any charges pertaining to my flights after the flight will be charged to the above credit card. (Landing fees, parking, Nav Canada charges, etc.)
  9. I also understand that any amounts owing will be charged to the above credit card unless prior arrangements for payment have been arranged. I also understand that any amounts owing will incur an interest charge on the unpaid balance on the last day of each month owed at a rate set by the Club as per the Member Handbook and that any NSF cheques will be subject to a service charge and must be covered by Cash, Certified Cheque, Debit Money Order, Debit, Visa or Mastercard.
  10. In the case of commercial training, I have been given a PTIB student contract and Member Handbook to review containing the admission policy, refund policy, withdrawals policy, dispute policy, dismissal policy, grades appeal policy and privacy policy as required by the Private Training Institutions Branch.
  11. I am aware that without a valid Transport Canada Aviation Medical Validation Certificate of the class appropriate to the licence sought, the written and flight tests cannot be conducted. As well, the licence sought will not be issued. Pacific Flying Club strongly recommends that those whose long-term goal is to acquirer a Commercial Pilot Licence get a Class 1 Aviation Medical Validation Certificate prior to starting ANY training. I agree not to hold Pacific Flying Club financially liable should I not qualify for the Aviation Medical Validation Certificate required by Transport Canada for the issuance of the licence sought.


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Junior Member's Waiver of Liability

To be completed by the parent or guardian of anyone 14 to 18 years of age inclusive.

I consent to my daughter/son/ward receiving flight training at the Pacific Flying Club and consent to his/her use of the Club's aircraft.

I hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the Pacific Flying Club, its Directors, Officers, Members, Employees and aircraft owners from any and all liability; and further acknowledge the rules and regulations of Pacific Flying Club as outlined in the Member Handbook, and will guarantee the fulfilment of all legal and financial obligations incurred by my daughter/son/ward.

Information Disclosure

Please be aware that we cannot disclose personal information, even to family members, without your permission. Select Yes, sign and date this section if you consent to PFC disclosing when you are on Club property or flying a Club aircraft.
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