PTIB Long Contract: Commercial Pilot Program Outline

Brief Program DescriptionFlight training required to meet requirements to be issued a Commercial Pilot Licence by Transport Canada
Career OccupationCommercial Pilot
Admission RequirementsAge 18 or Grade 12, Category 1 Medical, Private Pilot Licence, Valid Membership Application on file with Club, Approval of the Executive Director Flight Operations, PTIB
Contract signed
Learning ObjectivesAt the completion of this program student will demonstrate the competencies outlined in Transport Canada’s Flight Test Guide and Study & Reference Guide for the Commercial Pilot Licence and demonstrate the required flight and knowledge competencies to pass the Commercial Flight Test and pass the Commercial Written Examination. Students should refer to Flight Training Programme in Member Handbook
Method(s) of EvaluationPractice test prior to Transport Canada examination
Transport Canada CPL written examination Preflight test prior to Transport Canada flight test Transport Canada CPL flight test
Completion RequirementsStudent must hold 200 hours total time and complete all regulatory hour requirements for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot Licence including successful completion of a flight test and written examination by Transport Canada. Students should refer to Flight Training Programme in Member Handbook for further details.
Program Duration150 hours including 80 hours ground school, 5 hours ground briefings, 35 hours dual and 30 hours solo flight time (minimum regulatory requirements). Full time involves 15 hours per week of training and takes approximately 4-6 months depending on weather restrictions. Part time varies depending on student’s availability for flying and can take from 6 months to 18 months.
Homework HoursStudents can expect to do a minimum of 1-hour prereading and studying for each hour of ground school held as well as approximately 1 hour of pre and p ost flight preparation for each hour of flight training conducted. Further self-study is required to prepare for CPL written examination.
Delivery MethodFlight training is delivered one on one.
Indicate how the program is delivered:
  • In-class instruction
  • Distance education
  • Combined delivery both in-class and distance* (ground school)
Required Course MaterialsAdvanced Pilot’s Flight Manual by Kershner
Pilot supplies including Canada Flight Supplement and maps as required Textbooks & Resources from the Private Pilot Licence
Program OrganizationThe program is composed of an 80 hour ground school, 35 hours o f dual flight instruction and 30 hours of solo flying. All flying is conducted one on one. Ground school is held face to face on Tuesdays and Thursdays according to the schedule provided and/or available online.