My Inaugural Flight Aboard a Cessna 172

Stave Lake from Cessna 172

My inaugural flight aboard a Cessna 172 was an absolute delight. It was a brisk, almost chilly November day with an expansive clear blue sky that provided perfect visibility with Mount Baker in the distance. The cold snap necessitated a brief de-icing procedure for the plane, after which we eagerly climbed into the Cessna, ready for our adventure.

Before takeoff, my instructor diligently conducted the essential pre-flight checks, discussing our flight path and preparations. With everything in order, we taxied onto the runway and began our journey into the sky.

Landing at Boundary Bay Airport.

As we throttled down the runway, I was taken aback by how smoothly the Cessna lifted off the ground. I had intended to capture the experience with my camera but failed to prepare it in time. Before I knew it, we were already up and flying.

Our flight path led us eastward, offering breathtaking views on our journey. On the right, Boundary Bay stretched into the distance, framed by the vivid blue sky above and lush green farmlands below. It was a scene both familiar and entirely new to me.

Having never flown in a Cessna before, I was struck by the intimacy of the experience. Unlike jets that cruise at higher altitudes, this flight provided a closer connection to the landscape below.

Our route took us over Langley, Abbotsford, and onward to Mission, eventually passing Stave Lake. We flew so close to the mountains, their peaks almost within reach, while the clear green waters below shimmered in the sunlight. It was awesome.

The flight was exceptionally smooth, thanks to the absence of wind. I am typically prone to motion sickness, but on this journey, I experienced no discomfort.

As we effortlessly executed a gentle turn to the right, we began our return trip to Boundary Bay Airport. Upon arrival, we overshot the airport because we needed to land against the wind. Eventually, we touched down on the same runway from which we had taken off. Our landing was as smooth as the takeoff, bringing us to a full stop exactly where we started.

This flight, while resembling a familiarization flight, was a memorable experience for me. Though I wasn’t at the controls, the sheer beauty of the journey, the mesmerizing views, and the flawless flight created lasting impressions in my aviation adventure.

What is an actual FAM flight?

During an actual familiarization flight, a flight instructor will guide you through conducting a thorough pre-flight inspection, including a safety check of the aircraft. You’ll learn the essential steps of assessing weight and balance. Moreover, after takeoff, you’ll have the opportunity to assume control of the plane briefly. It will mark the commencement of your journey as a pilot, representing your very first flight in this new role.

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Your FAM Flight

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