Training – Private Pilot Licence Course

Always wanted to fly? It’s more fun, and easier than you can imagine. The Pacific Flying Club is the ideal place to earn your wings. A Canadian Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is recognized world wide. If you want to have fun in the air, a PPL will make it happen. If you plan to make flying your career, obtaining your PPL is the first step.

Both comprehensive flight instruction and ground school are requirements for obtaining a Private Pilot Licence. Transport Canada minimums are 45 hours of flight instruction – expect 40 hours of dual instruction and 15 hours of solo practice. Students must pass a Category 3 Medical before they are permitted to fly solo. While experience shows few students flight test in the minimum time, PFC students take their final flight test after an average of 55 to 60 hours. Hours are affected by a student’s personal commitments, hours flown per week or month, weather, number of repetitive exercises, meeting flight test proficiency standards, etc.

PFC’s Private Pilot Ground School is a 42.5 hour course covering aviation subjects such as the theory of flight, instrumentation, airframes and engines, flight operations, air law, pilot decision-making, meteorology and navigation. The Pacific Flying Club provides several ground school options, including online instruction. Students who take an introductory flight with the Club and subsequently enroll in PFC’s Ground School within 30 days will receive a $50 discount on ground school fees.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Requirements for admission: None

Download, complete and submit the following forms:

Important information:

  1. Waitlist: Pacific Flying Club currently has a waitlist for flight training. Please fill out the Waitlist application form; once a spot becomes available you will be contacted by an instructor to begin training in the aircraft.Questions regarding the waitlist can be directed to
  2. Ground school: Whilst on the Waitlist you may begin PPL ground school, please indicate you would like to register for the ground school when submitting your payment information to PFC. If you are interested in only ground school you do not need to complete the waitlist form.