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Hourly Rental and Instruction Rates


(Effective February 1, 2015)

The Pacific Flying Club offers 3 flying membership options: 
    (1) Voting Members (Yearly Membership)  
    (2) Associate Members (Monthly) and  
    (3) Junior Members.

The fees associated with each membership class are as follows:
    Voting Member: $195 yearly
    Junior Member: $125 yearly
    Associate Member: $12.95 monthly

Facility Voting/Junior Members
Associate Members
Dual Everyone
  Rental/  Solo Check Rides Rental/  Solo Check Rides  
Cessna 152 $122 $163 $132 $188* $188*
Cessna 172P/R  $137 $178 $147 $203* $203*
Cessna 172XP $150 $191 $160 $216* $216*
Cessna 172SP - G1000 $150 $236 $205 $261* $261*
Seneca 1 $350 $350 $350 $350* $350*
Al Sim Level 5 FTD $164   $174   $210*
Redbird Full
Motion FTD
$114   $124   $160*
Simulator- Elite $84   $94   $130*
Private Aircraft         $75*
Ground Briefing
Private & Commercial

*A premium of $8 per hour will be charged on Class I Instructor services.

A Voting Membership is recommended for pilots and students who fly six out of the 12 months and do approximately 10 hours solo and/or rental in a year. The monthly membership is not charged in a month where Club services are not utilized.

Please note the above “wet” rates comprise the aircraft rental charges based on a base fuel cost of $1.25 per liter at Boundary Bay Airport. The Club reserves the right to charge a fuel surcharge when the price of fuel exceeds $1.25 per liter at Boundary Bay Airport. 

Prices subject to change.

Upcoming Events

Mountain Seminar May 7th

US Procedures Seminar May 14th

Mountain Seminar June 11th

Saturday Seminars are 9am to 11am

News & Notices

Attention all Voting Members! Rent our 172SP's for the price of the 172XP. Contact Dispatch for details 

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