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Hourly Rental and Instruction Rates


(Effective February 1, 2014)

The Pacific Flying Club offers 3 flying membership options: 
    (1) Voting Members (Yearly Membership)  
    (2) Associate Members (Monthly) and  
    (3) Junior Members.

The fees associated with each membership class are as follows:
    Voting Member: $195 yearly
    Junior Member: $125 yearly
    Associate Member: $12.95 monthly

Facility Voting/Junior Members
Associate Members
Dual Everyone
  Rental/  Solo Check Rides Rental/  Solo Check Rides  
Cessna 152 $117.50 $155.50 $127.50 $180.50* $180.50*
Cessna 172P/R 
& Warrior
$132.50 $170.50 $142.50 $195.50* $195.50*
Cessna 172XP $145 $183 $155 $208* $208*
Cessna 172SP - G1000 $193  $231  $203  $256* $256*
Seneca 1 $337.50 $337.50 $337.50 $337.50* $337.50*
Al Sim Level 5 FTD $160   $170   $200*
Redbird Full
Motion FTD
$110   $120   $150*
Simulator- Elite $80   $90   $120*
Private Aircraft         $75*
Ground Briefing
Private & Commercial

*A premium of $8 per hour will be charged on Class I Instructor services.

A Voting Membership is recommended for pilots and students who fly six out of the 12 months and do approximately 10 hours solo and/or rental in a year. The monthly membership is not charged in a month where Club services are not utilized.

Please note the above “wet” rates comprise the aircraft rental charges based on a base fuel cost of $1.25 per liter at Boundary Bay Airport. The Club reserves the right to charge a fuel surcharge when the price of fuel exceeds $1.25 per liter at Boundary Bay Airport. 

Prices subject to change.

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