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Pacific Flying Club has the largest selection of flight simulators in Vancouver. Simulators provide a controlled learning environment with no distractions or delays. This is a huge advantage when learning. By building confidence early in the training process, simulators better prepare students for hands-on flight training. For licenced pilots, PFC’s simulators allow members to upgrade their skillsets and help prepare for advanced ratings, flight tests, or interviews in less time and with significant savings.

PFC is proud to announce the purchase of the Al Sim ALX which will be available for training in March 2020.


Al Sim ALX  and Al Sim 250

The biggest and the best is PFC’s Level 5 Al Sim MCC 200. Based on a King Air 200 this simulator is also capable of emulating eighteen other aircraft. This technology, coupled to amazing digital displays is second to none for practicing and preparing for IFR ratings. It also allows students to take the Transport Canada IFR renewal ride in the simulator, saving a lot of aircraft rental money!

Al SIM ALX: Dual rate is $260/hour
Al SIM 250: Dual rate is $232/hour.
Prices subject to change.
(Effective February 01, 2022)


Redbird Full Motion Simulator

The Pacific Flying Club is pleased to have a Redbird Full-Motion Simulator on-site, available to both members and students. With realistic wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit and full-motion capability for both single and multi-engine operations, the Redbird is Transport Canada certified for IFR renewal Flight Tests. The Redbird provides tremendous flexibility and compatibility with PFC’s flight training programs, greatly enhancing the learning experience while reducing costs.

Simulator: Dual rate is $188/hour
(Effective February 01, 2022)

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