Training - Recreational Pilot Permit Course


The Recreational Pilot Permit was introduced in 1995 by Transport Canada. Its purpose is to make general aviation more affordable and more attractive to a wider range of aviation enthusiasts. The Recreational Pilot Permit is not a licence, but a permit allowing flight with tight restrictions – daylight VFR only in Canadian airspace with one passenger only. While compared to the Private Pilot Licence, it is very restrictive, for many pilots it's all they need. For others it is an affordable start to earning a Private Pilot Licence, and possibly on to a career in aviation.

The RPP minimum requirement is 25 hours of flight training – 15 hours dual instruction and 5 hours solo practice, including 2 hours dual cross-country instruction. The Club has found most people who initially choose the RPP eventually go on to earn a Private Pilot Licence. Time accumulated under the RPP can be applied to Private Pilot Licence training.

While ground school is not a requirement for the RPP, it is highly recommended. The Club provides a highly regarded ground school program as part of the Private Pilot curriculum. RPP students are encouraged to attend. Should they eventually choose to upgrade to a Private Pilot Licence, they will not have to repeat ground school unless desired.

The number of hours to complete the course will depend on the individuals other commitments, number of hours flown per week, weather, number of repetitive exercises required, time to meet proficiency requirement for flight test, etc. Most students require more than the minimum number of dual hours to prepare for their flight test. Fuel surcharges are applied where the price of fuel exceeds the base rate.

Minimum Costs (based on regulatory minimum requirements in a C-152)
15 Hours dual instruction @ $192/hour  $2,880
10 Hours solo instruction @ $134/hour $1,340
6 hours ground briefing @ $58/hour $348
3 Months Club Membership @ $12.95/month $38.85
Ground School (Recommended)   $395
Books & supplies      $275

Incidental Costs 
Flight test & aircraft rental for test $450
Licence Processing Fees & Written Examination $290
ICAO English Language Proficiency Test    $125
Headset purchase $200 - $500

Fuel surcharges are applied when the price of fuel exceeds the base rate. Prices subject to change. (Effective March 23, 2017)